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Armstrong, the pioneer of Auto Cutting-Sealing-Liner-Inserting-Sewing Line in India, offers best quality Auto Cutting-Sealing-Liner-Inserting-Sewing Machine. From cutting to sewing, the auto cutting-sealing-liner-inserting-sewing machine is a multi-functional product which provides a wide range of advantages to traders in the FIBC/PP Woven Sack Industry. The process begins with the tubular roll being cut into appropriate shapes. The functions of cutting and sealing are automatically performed by this machine by usage of air. Once cut and sewn, the bags are inserted with a special liner which helps prevent any sort of contamination (due to weather, pests, and etcetera). This is followed by the final step of folding and stitching.


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  • Pioneers of Auto Cutting-Sealing-Liner-Inserting-Sewing Machine
  • Functions – Cutting, Sealing, Liner Inserting, and Sewing
  • Protection against contamination

Fine quality and expert customer service make Armstrong one of the best providers of auto cutting sealing liner inserting sewing line to manufacturers and traders around the globe. Furthermore, the easy availability of genuine spare parts of the same makes it an ideal choice for purchasing auto cutting sealing liner inserting sewing line!

1 review for Auto Cutting-Sealing-Liner-Inserting-Sewing Line

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    very good

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