Auto Gusseting-Cutting Line (FCM-SC with twist gusset device)


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Armstrong offers efficient Auto Woven Sack Cutting Machine with special gusset device for extra accuracy and finesse. The auto fabric cutting machine is suitable to manufacture BOPP as well as laminated bags. The special twist gusset device in the machine ensures secured cutting and sealing of bags. Secondly, the presence of easy operating system makes it extremely user-friendly and devoid of errors. Thirdly, the inclusion of touch screen in the programmable logic controller increases reliability by ensuring efficient synchronization with other parts. Fourthly, the presence of data back-up system along with digital programmable controller provides an accurate final product count from time to time. Fifthly, the auto fabric roll lifting device with power pack system ensures accuracy in length of the cut and high production speed. Lastly, the I-Mark Proxy and Perforation Roller assure accurate cut and seal on the printed laminated bags.



  • Suitable for BOPP and Laminated Bags
  • Easy operating system
  • PLC with touch screen
  • Accuracy length
  • Data backup system
  • High production speed
  • Accurate counting of bags
  • Auto Fabric Roll Lifting device with power pack system
  • Twist Gusset
  • I-Mark Proxy for accurate cut in printed laminated bags
  • Perforation Roller available as an optional attachment

Fine quality and expert customer service make Armstrong one of the best providers of woven sack cutting machines to manufacturers and traders around the globe. Furthermore, the easy availability of genuine spare parts of the same makes it an ideal choice for purchasing auto fabric cutting machines!