Jumbo Bag Hydraulic Bale Press


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Armstrong provides Industrial Bale Press Machines with capacity ranging from 20 to 150 tonnes suitable for compact baling of HDPE/PP Woven Sack Bags, both small and jumbo. The Jumbo Bag Hydraulic Bale Press is suited for big bags (upto 150 tonnes). It offers technical superiority over its competitors in many ways. Firstly, the presence of four open guide pillars and four guide rods for support of moving platen ensure perfect alignment and safety of the hydraulic seals. Secondly, the slits on both axes provide for the flawless bale strapping. Thirdly, the pressure relief valve warrants for safety against overpressure. Fourthly, the moving platens come with height adjustable limit switches (upwards & downwards) on both sides which can stop the platens if necessary. Fifthly, Armstrong offers wide range of platform size, height, and tonnage as well as one year warranty for all machine parts from the date of delivery. Lastly, the provision of push buttons in the electrical panel and pusher to push the bale out in intact condition escalate convenience.



The compact bales make bags such that they save transportation cost as well as storage space. The main motors are ISI-certified. The hydraulic pump is ‘DOWTY’ (Low pressure) + ‘Danfoss’ (Imported) + ‘MICA’ (High pressure) make, the pressure relief valve ‘POLYHYDRON’ make, the solenoid-operated direction control valve ‘UKEN/Rexroth’ make, and the pressure gauge (0-250 bar/0-400 bar) ‘WIKA’ make. The hydraulic seals are acquired from Technolan (Italy) and/or Merkel (Germany) ensuring quality and precision. Thus, smart engineering and quality components give Armstrong’s bale press machines a technical edge over its counterparts.


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