Jumbo Bag Testing Rig


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Armstrong offers prime quality Jumbo Bag Testing Rigs which are used to calibrate the quality of final bags. The rig is fitted with four cameras, digital dashboard, and sensor system. The machine measures the strength of stitch and fabric before the bags are dispatched. Filled small and jumbo bags are firmly loaded onto the metal hooks and aligned properly. The sensor system applies a certain amount of weight and pressure until the bag completely tears apart. Those values are saved and emailed to the clients before the purchase of any small of jumbo bags. The software that calibrates the values is manufactured by Armstrong.



  • Four cameras
  • User friendly technology
  • Customised software
  • Encoder
  • Sensor System
  • Easy alignment of bags

Fine quality and expert customer service make Armstrong one of the best providers of bag testing rig machines to manufacturers and traders around the globe. Furthermore, the easy availability of genuine spare parts of the same makes it an ideal choice for bag testing rig machines!


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