Strapex (Handle Wrapping) Machine


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Armstrong offers Strapex (handle wrapping) Machines. Strapex machines are primarily utilised to wrap fabric around bag handles in order to ensure easy and safe transportation of the same. The process begins with placement of the stretch fabric and the bag on the strapex machine. As time passes, the stretch fabric tightens around the bag due to presence of the pneumatic system in the machine. Subsequently, the operation of movable sewing machine and knife begins. The cutting and sewing of the stretch fabric to be wrapped around the handles are parallel processes. The sewing ends with the cam system cutting the sewing yarn 4 to 5 centimeters away from the fabric and the apparatus, namely movable sewing machine and knife returning to its original position. Thus, the handles are wrapped with stretch fabric and the bag is collected from the end of the strapex machine.



Be it the heavy machinery or their respective spare parts, Armstrong never compromises on quality and customer service. Mainly a one-time investment, the easy availability of genuine spare parts of strapex (handle wrapping) machines makes Armstrong your ideal buy for the same!


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